Dragon Vape Juices

The selecten Dragon Vape Juices for the electronical cigattes, founded in 2016, are high quality, high flavored and high VG juices. They are made from the highest quality products, the purest ingredients and the best flavors. All Dragon Vape juices are produced in Holland, The Netherlands, and are TPD (EU) compliant.

Our juices are made in 4 different nicotine strengths (0mg/ml – 3mg/ml – 6mg/ml and 12mg/ml nicotine). So are products may contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. Dragon Vape comes in two different ranges, each with its own PG/VG and flavours.


Pink Bubble

The scrumptious sweetness of bubble-gum that lasts all day.

Apple Pie

Everyone’s favourite homemade treat, now available in a bottle. Heavenly apple-pie flavour at any time of the day!

Vanilla Unicorn

A special name for a special flavour: a liquid that has the delightful flavour of vanilla cupcakes. Soft and creamy – happiness in a bottle!

Forest Berry

A luscious mix of soft fruits, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Dark Delight

Dark Delight goes beyond the standard flavour of tobacco: a good-quality, dark tobacco with a hint of caramel and coffee.


Call it “oldskool” or old-fashioned: Dragon Vape Donut e-liquid treats you to the glorious taste of a sweet donut

Grape Passion

A real explosion of flavours as red fruit, sweet and slightly sour dark cherry and passion fruit combine to produce the unique flavour of Grape Passion.

Fruity Yogurt

A marvelous, creamy yogurt flavour with a hint of kiwi, a touch of vanilla and juicy, mouth-watering strawberries.

Go Nuts

Are you nuts about nuts? Then this Go Nuts e-liquid is the one for you. It consists of rich hazelnuts, chocolate and, last but not least, a “surprise flavour” as a finishing touch.


If you’re looking for something with some zing to it, try Dragon Vape Lightning e-liquid. The intense flavour of this liquid has lots of menthol with a fruity aftertaste.

Pear Drop

This refreshing Pear Drop flavour is perfumed with an amazing pear taste and a subtle hint of mint. Enjoy a delightful subtropical surprise.

Summer Breeze

Summer’s never far away with Summer Breeze! An unusual combination of lemon, menthol and orange.

Bloody Dragon

Are you a fan of dark-red fruit? In that case, Bloody Dragon is the e-liquid for you: a combination of flavours featuring a range of soft, red fruit with a hint of lemon.

Jaw Breaker

Sweet memories! Just like the awesome gob-stoppers of your childhood, this liquid produces a flavour sensation that lasts for hours – without hurting your jaw!

Sweet Tobacco

A sophisticated tobacco flavour with the gentle sweetness of vanilla. A taste that keeps its appeal: Sweet Tobacco is great all day long.


If you like nothing better than drinking milkshakes, this liquid is perfect for you: the wonderful, authentic flavour of milkshake!

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The electronical cigarette is an alternative for the normal cigarette en should not be used by non-smokers. Electronic cigarette is intended use by adults. Nicotine is highly addictive and should not be used. Using an electronic cigarette without medical consent is not recommended for pregnant women and people with pre-existing cardiovascular disorders. Nicotine is a poison. If swallowed, call a poison control center or doctor and show the container or label of the e-liquid.